Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's Cooking Good Looking?

The "Elves" finished Jayna's play kitchen tonight and it turned out great. Here are some pictures of it staged. I only wish my kitchen looked this fun. 
The kitchen in all it's glory
I thought the bubbles would add a nice touch for you
Cooking up some brownies
Ding... I think they are done
We probably need some milk with those
Oh, here is some
My DIY frosting bottles
They even squirt

Need a Demo?

If you have any questions about this project just leave a comment.


  1. Jill you are amazing! How fun!

  2. Your tree and front room look so pretty and this kitchen is awesome! Good job Santa's Elves!

  3. Thanks everyone! Jayna is having so much fun with it, now if I can just get the room for it to go in done. Maybe next week.