Monday, January 17, 2011

Project List

Here is what is in the works for the hopefully near future:

* Jayna's Big Girl Room Complete With Her own Cafe*
awning to entrance of cafe

which is almost finished. she just needs a table and chairs, book shelves, and a new light.

*Mounting TV Above Fireplace*
consists of opening up a wall, running wires, building a frame for the tv, moving current tv and entertainment center to the basement, patching drywall

*Moving Basement Wall For Theater Room*
love this room
this one is going to be messy and long, take down wall, build new wall, drywall, electrical, move doors, replace carpet, too many things to list

*Under-stairs Play Area With Slide*
don't even ask where this project came from, it is just something Jayna and I dreamed up one day. open up closet under stairs, finish walls under stairs, make opening in wall for kids to access under the stairs, make platform with steps for stairs, make slide, yes I am going to attempt to make the slide. 

Crossing my fingers that these projects get finished sooner than later, but knowing better than to hold my breath. Hoping the house will not be in too big of ruin with all these things going on.

We will start out tonight with the first trip of many to 
Home Depot. 

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