Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Kids Valentine

I saw these cute kids valentines on Martha's website, and decided to make some with Jayna for her to take to her play group on Valentines Day. They turned out super cute. 

We took pictures of her facing sideways making a "blowing bubble" face which sounds simple, but was a chore to capture just right. We took the pictures against a blank wall so that they would be easy for me to cutout in photoshop, and I dressed her in a bright and colorful shirt so that there would be lots of color on the valentine.
Then I downloaded the pics to the computer, did some editing, and added some hearts and text. Jayna thought she really blew the hearts in the picture her reaction to the edited picture was great.
Then we printed them, cut them out, filled our little bags with candy, and stapled the cards onto the bags with pink staples. It was super easy and super fun to do with her.

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