Monday, February 7, 2011

TV Frame: Part 2

The "TV above Fireplace" project has gone very well. The wiring was a cinch and the frame painted up beautifully.

I have to give all the painting credit to my friends at Earlex though. Without their awesome paint sprayer I would not be achieving anywhere near the professional finishes that I am on paint projects. My HV 3500 sprayer also saves me tons of time on painting. I painted this whole frame with 2 coats primer, and 3 coats of paint in two nights with each coat taking me maybe 5 minutes. Now the longest part of any paint job for me is waiting for coats to dry. This frame would have taken me forever to hand paint with all the detail on it. So Earlex I bow down to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making such a user friendly product. 
I used the "house gray" for this frame which again is San Antonio Gray by Benjamin Moore. Remember though I mix all my Benjamin Moore colors in Behr paint from the Home Depot to save money. Then I used my favorite glaze Van Dyke Brown from General Finishes to add some depth and antiquing to the frame. The frame will also be getting 2 to 3 coats of top coat from General Finishes on it, but I wanted it up in time for our little Super Bowl party so I opted to do it later when we have to take it down to patch the drywall. 
I love how it turned out, I am super glad I got to finally use my big frame that has been floating around for years, and I am glad the big TV is down in the basement and not blocking my family room window anymore.

Eventually we will get a bigger flatter TV to go in the frame, but for now this is great. I am sure when the drywall is done and the room is more decorated I will show you pics of the entire room transformation.

If you have any questions about this project feel free to contact me. Thanks!


  1. I am curious - we were going to do that as well, but were warned not to because of the heat. We were told the heat from the fireplace, even with a blower, would rise up and cause the TV to overheat and burnout.

    Have you noticed this yet?

  2. Good Question Amy. Our TV is not enclosed in the frame and it is on an armed mount so it really is not touching the wall. As far as heat goes your fireplace has a metal flume inside that the heat and smoke go up, when we opened our walls to do the electrical we never even saw it because it is recessed back into the chimney. We have not yet had a fire in our fireplace since installing the T.V., but made sure to check how hot the wall got this last winter when a fire was going and we did not notice much heat. Note too that we do not use our fireplace as our main source of heat or for long periods of time, and every fireplace is different. Hope that helps.

  3. Looks great but I wonder why the TV was there near in the fireplace. This is dangerous :O but this is a nice view.

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