Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Hutching's project list seems to be growing by the minute around here. Half of me is trying to get as many indoor house projects done before the weather gets nice, and the other half is dreaming up a million outdoor spring and summer projects. So I am slightly working against myself these days. 

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The T.V. frame is getting it's first coat of the house gray (Benjamin Moore: San Antonio Gray). And I have to say that wiring the T.V. above the fireplace has been one of the smoothest projects we have ever done. I even punched the cable through the exterior wall myself. Which Dish wanted to charge us $75 to do. The drywall will get screwed back up shortly, and my job of patching will begin. I am trying to at-least get the frame up before our little super bowl party on Sunday. The new arrangement of the family room furniture has opened up the space dramatically, and I am excited to start working on actually putting that room together. 
I will be shopping at Ikea tomorrow for the last couple of things for Jayna's room.
I also have one project for the playroom almost finished
and a new light fixture for it in the works.
The slide project has been on hold because the Blue Beauty had a flat, but now that it is back up and running I can go pick up the drywall and paneling I need for the next step.

Some how in the middle of all these projects I managed to get a wild hair. 
I have always wanted to raise something in the backyard, my husband always says I should live on a farm, but I assure you I do not. I tell him I want an urban homestead and that this is my urban homestead. I have tossed around the idea of bees, or chickens for years now, but since I am still intimidated by the bee idea the chicken talk around here has gotten serious. I have even designed plans for a coop in the last couple days since I have been sick and laid up on the couch. I think the only reason why husband has participated in dialogue with me is because I am sick though. 
When I see coops like this one on the Fancy Farm Girl how could I not want chickens. 
Then when I found out these Silkie hens would be best for my area I was sold.
So we will see how far my wild hair gets who knows.

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