Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TV Frame: Part 1

Last night we started making the frame for our t.v. that we will be wiring and mounting above our fireplace. 
don't mind my messy garage floor

We decided to use this large vintage frame that we already have, but you could always make your own frame out of any molding you like. The frame is in no way perfect, but when I paint the whole thing it will hide a lot of the imperfections.
So first we made a box out of 1x4 pieces of wood to match the measurements of the inner part of the frame that we are going to attach it to. We simply cut the wood and glued and nailed it together. I did make the big oversight of having my side pieces match up inside of my top and bottom pieces, which I should have done the other way so that when you see the box on the sides it is one solid piece of wood and you do not see any edges. 
Hope that makes sense.

Our second step was to attach the box to the frame. We used our nail gun to nail through the frame and into the box.
We will also probably end up attaching a small piece of molding at the end of the box that meets up to the wall. Sense everything is not perfectly square there will most likely be a gap somewhere between the wall and the frame when we hang it. 

Tonight we will be cutting the inner backing to the frame and box for Part 2...


  1. What a great idea! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. You impressed me! Thanks for showing the process, you gave me a great idea how to make a frame so easily.

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