Friday, February 11, 2011

Pottery Barn Kids Light Knock Off

I just loved this light featured in a Pottery Barn playroom and wanted something similar for my Dr. Seuss playroom. So I went about trying to figure out how I could make one myself and I succeeded. Gosh I love it when ideas work out!
First I searched the internet high and low until I found this tutorial on how to wire together multiple Ikea Hemma cords. I was glad to find it because it meant my idea was doable. 

I went to Ikea myself and bought three Hemma cords and three red lamp shades. I chose to buy blue cords since it would match the room and add that much more fun to the light itself. 
Then at home I bound all the lights with the shades on together so that it would be easy to figure out how long we wanted each cord. 
Next Husband ( he does all the electrical stuff at our house) cut the cords to the length we wanted them to hang and exposed the wires inside the cords.
You can do this either with a wire cutter and stripper, or a razor blade. 
Than he exposed the wires even further by stripping down part of the white and black wires.
For this project I also needed to purchase a ceiling light kit. I spray painted mine black to match the room since brass was the only color I could find that had a center hole big enough to fit all three cords.
Once we had all the cords ready we pushed them up through the light kit. 
Husband is wearing gloves because I was to impatient to really let the paint dry, and he did not want black hands.
At this point we wired all the black wires together and all the white wires together and then we wired it like any normal light to the ceiling. 
I really like how it turned out. The cords still have some wave in them, but I think over time they will straighten. 
I only did three lights, but more would be fun if you are willing to deal with the wiring difficulties that would cause.

We had a couple of brain farts on this project though. At one point we thought we it was not working and that we had wired it wrong only to realize we had no light bulbs in the light, then the bulb we put in it was dead, but it took us a while to figure that one out. So take it from us, work smarter not harder.

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  1. wow Jill you are so amazing!! The toy room is so cool!! I wish I could pull things off like that!!