Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Slide In-side

example of what we are going for
I am really excited about my little side slide project Jayna and I have started on. So far it has been pretty easy, but that may be because I have only done demo.

I removed the back wall and studs to this basement closet that is under the stairs. Why there was a wall there to begin with is beyond me when you could have just that much more storage. Next I need to make an opening in the side wall, move a little electrical, and finish out all the walls. I am thinking it will be easiest to just throw on some paneling and trim and paint it rather than mudding and sanding drywall. 
When that is finished I am going to frame out a half wall with a platform in the closet opening and make a little ladder on the back side and a spot to attach the slide. 
Like my sad photoshop rendition of it?

So far this is the husbands favorite project since he has not had to help. I'll keep updating you as the project moves along.

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  1. Whoa! An indoor slide - isn't that every kid's dream? What a fun house you must have :)